So what makes the Scribblevision signs work so well? As with all good signage, our designs (we got our creative team on the job) had to meet the following criteria.

1. Continue and extend the brand

This means the Scribblevision logo, colours and fonts must be perfect and in proportion so that our business signage, as a result, increases our brand’s recognition and notoriety.

2. Stand out from the crowd

With lots of visual clutter on any busy street, creating signage that’s fresh, clean and eye-catching requires definite colours and classic simplicity.

3. Be visible from all angles

Given that some of us have the eyesight of rhinoceroses, we had to make sure that our signs could be seen (and read) from street level, from the first floor (where we are located) and when rollerblading along Breed Street. We reckon we’ve covered that one pretty well.

4. Be durable

Our signs are going to be belted by the sun and pelted by rain, so it’s imperative they are as tough as they are beautiful.

We’ve ticked all the boxes to ensure our signs will stay the distance. Now, how does your business signage stack up?

  • Scribblevision can design, print and arrange for installation of your business signage. For more information, contact the studio today on 5174 9437.

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