Phill Mackie

Phill Mackie

Time to show your website a little love

Websites are like relationships. Although I would not be considered an expert on either, I do understand one very basic parallel.

A lack of responsiveness can be your undoing.

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For all those out there who have a technology bent, you’re going to know what I’m on about. For those who have an attention span the size of a gnat when it comes to new technologies (that is, you are just like me), I’m going to do my best to explain without making you cry.

Responsiveness, in the case of websites, is the capacity – due to some particularly clever technology – to display properly on any device (mobile, tablet, PC). Same web address, same programming code, looking beautiful and balanced whether you’re out and about or at your desk.

In the dim dark days of old (well, a decade ago), having a responsive site was not even a consideration.

And then came the smartphone revolution and a tendency for more and more people to access the web via mobile as well as tablet. For example, in the case of the Scribblevision website, 22% are accessing our site via mobile, 33% via tablet and 44.5% via laptop or desktop computer.

Because our site is responsive, we’re confident that however visitors access the site, the user experience will always be a good one. Which means they’ll enjoy themselves and hopefully return to our site again and again .

But the user experience is not the only reason you should consider upgrading your site if it is not responsive.

This week we received a timely reminder from Google that, unless websites render as well on mobiles as they do on your PC, they’re not going to get the Google rankings for mobile search.

Put simply, if a customer is trying to find a business like yours by doing a Google search from their mobile phone or tablet, you’re hardly going to pop up on the first page of results – no matter how well your site is optimised in other respects – unless it is also responsive. Which means you could be missing out on a hell of a lot of business.

If your website is not responsive, we’d suggest that now is the time to show it a little TLC. We’re happy to discuss your digital marketing needs at any time.

  • Not sure if your website is responsive? Find out in one minute – phone Scribblevision on 5174 1057 (business hours).
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