Fulton Hogan

Case Study

The Challenge

To better improve our roads, an alliance was recently formed between VicRoads and Fulton Hogan. With this resulting in astronomical savings for the community and road-users, Fulton Hogan VicRoads wanted to visually represent how their alliance had been beneficial in a distributable A4 booklet. The task was to design two 50 page booklets with the same graphic elements and structure, however using unique colour schemes to differentiate the two regions they represented – the Eastern Alliance and the South West Alliance.

The Solution

A corporate structure was created as a base for the booklets. Colour schemes chosen were blue/dark grey for the Eastern region and mustard/light grey for the South West region. We also created various graphs and charts so data could be represented visually. The client required a fast turnaround which we were able to provide.

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Fulton Hogan

User Experience and Digital Design

With our team’s design and development skills, we created a simple, yet informative website.

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