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Our top 7 copywriting wise-ups

Clever copy – there's nothing sweeter for those who have a thing for words.

Done right, written content's got a lovely sizzle, a life all its own.

Trouble is, no matter how well written, much of the population may not understand it.

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How to protect your online info

It's called, variously, the digital age, the information age, the internet age. Whatever you label it, now is a time where the amount of information available – due to online publishing – is phenomenally vast compared to eons past.

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5 ways to keep your website fresh

If you still think perms and pet rocks are trendy then I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you're living in the past. Now I'm not one to judge, but when it comes to your business, your clients may not be as forgiving.

Just like the fashion trends of the world, the web is constantly changing, and it soon becomes obvious when something is out of date.

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An ACE opportunity courtesy of Harry Potter

Just like your first car, your boisterous Jack Russell or high school garage band, there are certain ‘things’ in life that deserve to be personalised and acknowledged with a name.

In the Scribblevision studio, this extends to our fleet of printers. All the staff here know that printers are more than just objects. They seem to have … emotions.

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The face of the future

Meet Olivia Holloway, a 15-year-old Year 10 student who hails from Lavalla Catholic College. Olivia spent a week doing work experience at the Scribblevision studio.

She cheerfully made the tea, collected the mail and taught some – or maybe just one – of our regular staffers (not going to point out who) a thing or two about the use of technology. As anyone under the age of 16 tends to.

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Print will never die … 4 reasons why

I’m a former print journo. So I guess from the outset that’s akin to declaring a bias.

But I’ve also worked with websites for many years now, and been infatuated, along with the rest of the Australian population, with digital mediums.

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5 tips to make Facebook work for you

You run a small business and you have great social skills. So opening a Facebook page should be easy and bring you a lot of leads, right? And you should be able to convert those two likes into two sales, right? So why is Facebook not working for you?

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5 ways to use your logo like a pro

Your logo is one of your business's most valuable assets and the key to making it instantly recognisable (and setting you apart from your competitors) is to use it consistently. No sending it out in flannies and moccasins puh-lease!

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Emma’s eye-opening experience with Scribblevision

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School student Emma Moon joined the creative crew at Scribblevision for work experience last week. Over the course of the week Emma had the opportunity to work with graphic designers, web developers, illustrators, digital marketing experts and content writers.

She also learnt why coffee has such high currency in our Hotham Street studio, and the lengths to which our team will go to win the weekly paper-toss challenge. Here is Emma’s take on her week with us.

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Hot content highly recommended

What does a hotdog, an excavator driver and a hungry mate have in common?

Believe it or not, they’re all aspects of a clever digital marketing campaign for Statoil, a northern European petrol station chain.

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Three reasons why RTI’s new website rocks

We get a lot of inquiries here at Scribblevision from people who want a new website for their business or organisation but are unsure where to start. 

What it costs, how long it takes to create a new website, the type of content required and what’s involved in the ongoing management once the site is up and running – these FAQs pop up in nearly every conversation.

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Five things we love about Morgane

She’s got a French accent, a fresh world view and a cheeky, competitive streak … what’s not to love about our new graphic designer Morgane Cazaubon?

Morgane and her young family moved from France to Gippsland a year ago seeking new opportunities and the ultimate work-lifestyle balance.

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The wonderful world view of Kobie

We are excited to introduce to you our latest staff member, graphic designer Kobie Notting, who just happens to be an illustrator extraordinaire.

By day Kobie creates logos, lays out business documents, designs signage and runs our digital print presses. In her spare time she heads out to either the bush or the beach, talks to trees, checks out wombat hollows and stares into campfires.

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For our Stef, one obsession leads to another

Say hello to graphic designer Stefani Visentin. Stef’s the latest addition to the Scribblevision tribe and, though we’re all mightily put out that she won the paper toss challenge on her first Friday here, we’re pretty excited to have her on board.

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New website puts the focus on Danae Studios

If there’s one thing Danae Studios does well, it’s finding the sparks that set life’s important events on fire.

Your engagement, wedding, anniversary, the first few days of your newborn’s life, the relationship you share with loved ones (including your favourite pets) – it matters not what the occasion is, the photographers at Danae will capture the essence of your special event and immortalise it.

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A healthy new outlook for Latrobe Regional Hospital

The stats are incredible: 120,000 patients treated every year, 261 beds, 1200 effective full-time staff. 

Latrobe Regional Hospital, as the major hospital servicing the Gippsland region and its 250,000-strong population, certainly needs a strong online presence to service both the broader community as well as those who have direct contact with the hospital.

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