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The Importance of Website Maintenance

In the last year specifically we have noticed an influx of attacks on open source content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla.

Does this mean these CMS platforms are unsecure?

Not in the slightest!

Does this mean these CMS platforms need regular maintenance to ensure they stay protected?

For the love of god yes!!!

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Oi! What’s going on here then?

Oi! Have your heard? There’s a brand new mag being put together by Gippslanders, for Gippslanders, right here in this vast, green region of ours.

Oi magazine, to be published six times a year, is the creation of Phillip Island journalist and publisher Roy Fleming. The first edition, launched on December 26, demonstrates what Roy promises will be the key focus of Oi: people.

Yep people – the relationships they share, the communities they build, their achievements and their trials, their glory and their pain – is the focus of the first edition.

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Scribblevision to the rescue!

Gippsland resident Penny Bryer fell in love with the spectacular Atlas mountains and striking desert of Morocco in 2013. After visiting again in 2014 and 2015, Penny decided she had to share the wonder and adventure of Morocco with others.

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Sock on Fox opens for business

It started at the dining table in Megan Vitale’s Traralgon home.

“I sat down with mum, it was January the 8th and I said to her it has to be done, we have got to do this,” Megan says.

“And now it’s happening.”

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Georgia marches into a new career

Our new recruit Georgia Hunt likes a challenge. She took that attitude to Queensland, right after leaving school, as an Australian Army recruit.

For the first three months she lived in a barracks in Wagga Wagga with 40 other people, sharing a room and undergoing intense physical training.

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The 6 benefits of email marketing

We’re all hooked on social media. It generates discussion and interaction in the brew room and it’s a great way to build your brand and engage customers. But in paying so much attention to social media, we tend to forget the power of email.

Look around, you have competitors, whatever your business offers. But chances are your competition doesn’t have an email strategy. That’s an opportunity! And here are six reasons why email should be a key component of your digital marketing campaign.

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Crocka Foundation’s heart-felt quest

The story behind the founding of the Crocka Foundation is heart-wrenching. Metaphorically and literally.

David ‘Crocka’ Williams, a Churchill Football Netball Club legend, husband to Kylea, father of three, businessman and athlete, was 35 when, on New Year’s Day 2011, he died after suffering cardiac arrest  – a heart attack – at home.

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Ballin’ in new uniforms

We like happy.

In all forms, happiness is one of those wonderful emotions we just can't get enough of. And nothing much surpasses the happiness that engulfed the studio last Friday, when we presented a group of eight excited boys with brand new Basketball uniforms, personalised player cards, posters and gift bags.

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A career in design? Jordan says sold!

We’ve been lucky enough this week to host work experience student and Traralgon teen Jordan Duncan, who’s shown a keen interest in design and animation. Here’s his take on five days in the Scribblevision studio – or as he puts it, his super sensational Scribblevision experience.

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There’s something freaky about this photo, right?

There’s something freaky about this photo, and it’s not just that it’s the boss’s face. What is it, can you guess?

The image above, the one of Scribblevision founder Phill Mackie, shows the effect of using a high resolution image at 100% of it’s original size (left half of the image) in comparison to enlarging a low-resolution image (right half of the image). What are we talking about?

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Unveiled: Regional Radio Sales sweet new website

Scribblevision has launched the beautiful new website of Regional Radio Sales Australia, a Gippsland-based media buying company with a national profile. RRSA Sales Manager Fiona Howell, yep that’s her in the picture, issued the ‘go live’ order last week. She looks pretty chuffed, doesn’t she?

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You want signage with wow? You got it!

We’re happy to say that we’ve added a splash of colour to Hotham Street this week. Must be the spring air!

Yep the Scribblevision studio signage has been installed, ensuring our distinctive brand is visible from the kerb, the footpath and local cafe. There’s no way anyone’s going to miss us now! 

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