My name is Andrew Musgrove and in the first week on November 2016 I had the pleasure of doing work experience at Scribblevision. I have just finished year 12 at Lavalla Collage and design area of work is where I am most interested in and want to get more experience in.

During the days while here I had the pleasure of meeting new and friendly people who work here. The environment and the work place has a great vibe with the work flow that is constant and at a high level of quality. With the work that I had been given while here introduced new and exciting tools and programs for me to use to achieve the goals set out for me. When working here, all the other workers were very helpful in explaining and showing me through the process that it takes in a real world situation when being a graphic designer.

Throughout my days here I had really enjoyed what I had been positioned to do and has further made me realise the skills that I have when put into a design environment and situation.

The experience here has given me a clearer mind when thinking about want I want to achieve as a job in the future.

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