Hi, I’m Jordan Duncan, I’m 16 years old and I attend St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School. I have been wanting to get into graphic design for the longest time so when I heard about Scribblevision from my friend Emma who did work experience here earlier in the year, I immediately decided to apply.

I love illustration and animation so I thought this would be a great place to try to improve myself while I’m here. At home in my free time I use my laptop and drawing tablet to create digital art – when I’m not playing video games or watching TV of course. I’ve been surrounded by people who are exceptional artists ever since I was born, whether it be my nan, my mum or my sisters, and they only pushed my drive to surpass them.

On my first day at Scribblevision I walked in expecting a busy, crowded environment. I was pleasantly surprised when I entered a nice open studio and got a relaxed vibe from the place. I was openly welcomed by everyone and settled in pretty quickly. I got to see what other works they had done in the past and got a glimpse into the web design industry. The first day only made me excited for next next four days remaining, especially this paper toss competition I had been hearing all about, which takes place every Friday.

I was assigned the task of getting a photo of myself for the blog post and I was free to edit it however I wanted. We decided I would do a self portrait digitally, which is artwork of myself that I create using my computer. This was a chance to further improve on my art and get others to pinpoint places where I could improve. It was a nice change of pace for me, especially after spending the previous weekend working in the fast food industry. You can see the results of my efforts below.

Graphic design is definitely a career for me down the road, but I’m more into animation than anything. I have learnt to use various programs on my own or with help from friends, but I want to further my knowledge of graphic design and animation so that I can pursue them as careers and actually make a living from doing what I love.

My experience at Scribblevision has really motivated me to do that. It was a week I’d be more than happy to do again and has really made me look forward to a future in animation or graphic design.

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