Phill Mackie

Phill Mackie

5 ways to use your logo like a pro

Your logo is one of your business's most valuable assets and the key to making it instantly recognisable (and setting you apart from your competitors) is to use it consistently. No sending it out in flannies and moccasins puh-lease!

Our corporate branding packages include detailed brand style guides that demonstrate best practice when it comes to using your logo across a range of mediums.

Scribblevision graphic designer Stefani Visentin has distilled all the advice to come up with five golden rules for making sure your logo is always looking its best. Here are her suggestions.

1. Size does matter

The size of your logo will depend on where you are using it – like anything in design, the secret is finding the right balance. A logo that is too large risks being too overpowering. A logo that is too small can get lost and be difficult to read.

2. Keep proportions consistent

No matter what the size of your logo, its proportions should remain consistent. If you pull, stretch or skew your logo it will become unrecognisable. Ewwwww!

3. Give your logo space

Don’t overcrowd your lovely logo! “White space” (which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s white, just to confuse you) around your logo gives a cleaner, more modern appearance and allows your logo to stand out, making it visible at a glance.

4. Provide contrast

It is important to provide contrast between the colours of your logo and the background used. If you put a black logo on a dark grey background, no one will see it, just as no one will see a white logo on a white page. So an example might be if your logo uses dark blues, use contrasting colours such as light blue, yellow or white as a background colour.

5. Keep the chameleons at bay

A logo in varying shapes and every colour of the rainbow might be cute, but constantly changing it will result in your logo becoming unrecognisable. The exception is reversed and monotone logos, which can be used in situations where the primary logo is not suitable.

Stacked and horizontal logos can also be used as alternatives when required, but it pays to get these versions professionally designed to ensure consistency across the brand.

So there’s the five golden rules to loving your logo. And you know that if you love your logo by following each and every one of them, your logo is going to love you back!

  • Need a logo or full corporate branding package for your business or organisation? We’re happy to help! Contact our studio on 5174 9437.
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